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NTCC’s burden and ministry to the military is an integral part of who we are as an organization. In 1970 our first outreach, Faith Chapel opened in Tillicum, WA, the Pastors were Ret. MSG William Gaylord and his wife, Eileen — they LOVED GIs and spent their lives sharing their hearts and their vision.

From that first Servicemen’s Center which they started in their own home, their vision spread, to Ft Polk, Ft Gordon, Schofield Barracks, and many more today.

Our goal today is still what it was then; to create welcoming, spiritual, safe places; a home away from home for our military personnel where they can find a good meal, someone to listen, and a connection to God.

Ministry to the Military

It’s a ministry of reconciliation, as God was in Christ reconciling us to Himself, and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation. We are an evangelistic church and we try to daily live Jesus’ command to go into all the world with the gospel. We do this by lifting Him up!

We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, and minister from this perspective; He created us and He gave us the field manual for abundant living as well as eternal life.