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Sept 30 – Oct 3, Fall 2024

NTCC National Campground



Solitude. The Camp's whisper-quiet Missouri location offers you four beautiful seasons to choose from; one of the most beautiful being Autumn; Walnut trees, red Oaks and yellow Maples, even Catalpa trees. Listen to the many songbirds; watch Canada Geese floating in the front lake; and even hear the owls in the evening. Two lakes reflect the beautiful scenery and soothe the mind, as you savor the fresh air and watch the sun slowly descend.


New Testament Christian Churches of America hosts semi-annual Conferences at the NTCC National Campground in Santa Fe, MO. It was established in 1986 with the purchase of 80 acres of farmland. Through the hard work and giving of many people, God has provided a convenient central location for our Conferences. Since its inception, the Campground has acquired adjoining property and has expanded to over 140 acres.


A Progressive Work

The NTCC National Campground has for years proven the perfect facility for hosting NTCC events, and it's progressively expanding. The newer Tabernacle is large enough to seat over 1,200 people, and the old, smaller Tabernacle is the Dining Facility that now offers breakfast and lunch, plus snacks and fellowship after evening services. In 2012, a large, new double freezer was added providing more food storage space, saving many trips to Columbia, MO for supplies throughout the meeting. Also in 2012, two new steam tables were purchased to allow two serving lines, and this winter the kitchen will be expanded to provide customers with faster service. There was an espresso-coffee machine purchased, and there is much excitement about that! 

In 1999, an adjoining parcel of land with a dilapidated farmhouse was acquired and remodeled for additional Conference lodging, and later the land behind that, (directly across from the Dining Facility) was also added to the Campground, bringing total acreage to approximately 145 acres.

When the first 80 acre parcel of land was purchased, there was but one small farmhouse by the entrance (which was torn down and rebuilt as a residence for the Camp Curator). Then the Lodge, two single-person's dormitories, and several married couple's residences were added. The dorms overlook either of the Camp's two man-made lakes, with bathrooms and showers that were open style; people had to walk from their rooms to use them. However, in 1995 the first two-story lodging facility was constructed with private bathrooms for each room. Over the next ten years, all lodging facilities were remodeled to include private bathrooms. From the purchase of the land in 1986 until now, the progressive building program has transformed this farmland into a beautiful, restful retreat. 

One necessary improvement was the paving and road-widening project completed in '09, costing $28,172.52. The widening of the main road leading from the entrance to the Dining Facility helps to keep people from having to walk in the muddy grass! Then another lodging facility was added, having ten rooms; building "N" was completed at a cost of $75,000.

The Pavilion

new-testament-christian-churches-pavilion1A place where people can gather for fellowship, any time of day! The project began with an idea in the Fall of 2011, and construction was finished Fall 2012. The Pavilion lies 50 feet square with burgundy metal roof and legs, with a center-placed BBQ pit and ceiling vent. Surrounded by many picnic tables, it provides the perfect place for fellowship outside. The newest features are the stainless steel food preparation sink and counter, and 6 volleyball nets along the woodline. At night the place is alive with singing, instruments, eating, and awesome fellowship. Hopefully a small outdoor PA system will be in place this spring, so all those aspiring vocalists can use microphones. 

The blessing is that it enables us to have a place to host the Conferences and keep rooms affordable for those who wish to stay on the Camp. God is good! He has made it all possible through the selfless service of many who have labored here, and by the giving of many who have a desire to be part. All donations to the Campground are tax-deductible and go toward the upkeep and expansion of our wonderful Campground.




Camp directions

15037 Monroe Rd. 621
Santa Fe, Missouri 65282

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