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The Republic of the Philippines is a nation of about 87 million people spread over some 7,000 islands. The three main island groups are Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.

The capital city Manila is located on Luzon. It has been called, "The Island of Contrasts". The most modern districts are here as well as some of the oldest tribal communities. The Visayas are a tourist destination; charming, and sun- soaked, but also gaining a reputation as the economic future of the nation due to the unprecedented economic growth of Cebu City. Mindanao is the southernmost island that for decades has suffered the threat from Muslim separatists.

On Mindanao, Rev. & Sister MacDonald are laboring along with Pastora Louena Mantilla at the Bible School and Mission, where they also reach to outlying areas known as ‘outstations’. The Apostle Paul wrote; “I HAVE PLANTED, APOLLOS WATERED; BUT GOD GAVE THE INCREASE.” This verse is especially pertinent to the Philippines, as so many have labored here through the years and God continually gives the increase.

God bless you for your faithful support of Missions in the Philippine Islands.

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