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NTCS Faculty

Our teachers are trained and highly experienced in diverse fields of ministry from pioneering and missionary work to executive level church administration and education. Their commonality is a love of teaching and a desire that their students become all that they can be, for the glory of God.

Because of our low student/teacher ratio, students have almost unlimited access to their teachers.


R. W. Davis (Founder)  

M. C. Kekel (President)

J. R. DiFrancesco

P. A. Kinson


J. D. Infausto


 E. F. Gesang

T. M. Kekel

J. P. Malone


J. S. McKay

 New Testament Christian Seminary Faculty -Rev G R Keys

G. R. Keys


S. D. Meyer

New Testament Christian Seminary Faculty - J E Conner 

 J. E. Conner