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What is a Servicemen's Home?

A Servicemen's Home is both a church and a home away from home for military personnel where they will be welcome and wanted at all hours of the day and night, seven days a week.

It is a place where military personnel can receive spiritual help including devotions any evening (except on scheduled service nights); that is, Bible reading, question and answer sessions, teaching and prayer.

It is a place to reach souls for the Lord Jesus Christ and for the Home to be a place of spiritual retreat for the servicemen and women who are displaced from their own family: it truly is a Christian Home away from Home.

Servicemen's "Homes away from home" are not a new idea. They are a tried and proven means of reaching servicemen and women for Christ for more than 50 years now.1


As one person put it - fellowship, fellowship, fellowship, that is the key to, and the purpose of, a servicemen's home and church. To fellowship means to join together.

We're not offering the fellowship of the world.

The fellowship of Christ and of a Christian character should be the by-word of all servicemen's homes and churches. We should realize that everyone wishes to be a part. Everyone wishes to have friends, people with whom they can communicate. They search for a common denominator in their lives. Christ is this common denominator for a Christian servicemen's home.

Many men and women today who know Christ, who are working for Christ in various calls of the ministry, trace their beginnings to Servicemen's Homes.2

  1. Taken in large part from Standard Operational Procedure for Servicemen's Work, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
  2. Taken in large part from Servicemen's Home Director's Guidebook, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.

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